Each year, my husband and I try to plan our Valentine’s Day to include our kids for at least part of the time. We think it’s important that they know they are our valentines too – and the makings of a family date night are always a welcome change of pace. Below are a few movies that can genuinely be enjoyed by movie viewers of all ages.

The Sound of Music
Rated G

Julie Andrews plays the governess who falls for a widower with six talented kids and turns them into the von Trapp family singers.  From the music to the beautiful wholesome setting, The Sound of Music is the perfect Valentine’s Day flick for romantics young and old.


Sleeping Beauty
Rated G

You know the story, and it still holds up after all these years. It’s the prince to the rescue when Princess Aurora falls into a deep sleep after being cursed by a wicked fairy. See the animated version with the younger crew, and then catch Angelina Jolie in the updated back story of Maleficent for an in-home date night.



The Princess Bride
Rated PG

Take the family on a wild ride with Princess Buttercup and Westley in their quest for true love. Packed with big rodents, scary beasts and adventures near and far, The Princess Bride makes a perfect family date night even better, combining a traditional love story with some unexpected plot twists. A special appearance by Billy Crystal helps make this a hit with mom and dad as well!



Parent Trap (1961)- Rated G
Parent Trap (1998)- Rated PG

Identical twins separated at birth, with one raised by mom and the other by dad, meet at summer camp and swap identities. Hayley Mills delights in the original ‘60s version, with Lindsay Lohan giving the remake her own charming spin. Choose your favorite or make it a double feature with this family love story.

Rated PG

When my sons were younger, we watched Tangled for the first time together during a family movie night. We immediately fell in love with Rapunzel, her flowing hair and her adventurous day with Eugene as she tries to experience life outside of her tower. The comic relief is perfect for adults and kids alike and the soundtrack is enough to make anyone sing.


Rated PG

When a beautiful princess (Amy Adams) is sent away to New York City by an evil queen (Susan Sarandon) she falls in love with a lawyer (Patrick Dempsey). This star-packed cartoon/live-action romantic comedy will have you cheering for the nontraditional prince!

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