Adding an extra 30 minutes to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for an R-rated extended cut of the film that debuted on digital HD and Blu-ray really helped flesh out more of the blockbuster's intricate story, characters and tone — and so it's no surprise to see the BvS follow-up Suicide Squad will also get an extended cut, too.


Nothing is known right now about the Suicide Squad extended cut aside from this brief announcement above and the news that it'll hit Digital HD on November 15 and Blu-ray on December 13. Director David Ayer told us previously that he isn't a fan of multiple cuts of a movie and that the cut in theaters was his cut, but he did reveal there were scenes he left on the cutting-room floor and that there would be more fun stuff to explore down the road.

“We walk the edge, but it’s a PG-13 movie. It was shot as a PG-13 movie,” he said (via Fandango). “The cut I’m working on really is my cut, and I’m one of those people who believes there’s only one cut of a movie. But there’s always things that don’t make it in that I think will be a lot of fun to share.”

The above essentially answers whether the extended version of Suicide Squad will follow BvS in being rated R, as Ayer admits his film was shot for PG-13. But how long will the new version run? Will it simply be the theatrical version with deleted scenes punched in, or will the cut differ? We do know multiple cuts of this film exist; it's just a question of whether they play with that in unique ways or keep it simple and in line with what hit theaters.

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