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Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino Are Corrupt Billionaires in 'Misconduct' First Trailer

By GossipRevealed / Published on Sunday, 20 Dec 2015 07:39 AM / No Comments / 149 views

The first trailer for “” has surfaced online. stars as an ambitious young lawyer who is involved in a big case, which leads him into a series of terrible events, against a ruthless pharmaceutical executive () and his firm’s senior partner ()

The beginning of the trailer shows the young lawyer’s attempts to take down the corrupt billionaires, but then it drastically changes into a pathetic story of Duhamel’s life, which takes a deadly turn after he conducts the investigation.

His decision to cheat on his wife () with another woman () leads to a blackmail. More tragically, he is framed for a murder and accused of a crime he didn’t commit. “He’s a fugitive at large,” someone says in the trailer.

In an interview with , director Shintaro Shimosawa shared that he was so glad to work with the three great actors. “Working with two of this generation’s greatest actors was everything you could imagine – terrifying, humbling, mentoring but ultimately the most gratifying experience of my life,” said Shimosawa. He also praised Pacino’s effort to adopt a New Orleans accent for the role, and work with an FBI agent in order to better understand his character.

The suspense thriller is due to arrive stateside on February 5, 2016. Coming along with the trailer is a poster which shows the trio assembled in a room.


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