Break out the chimichangas — with $135 million at the box office in its first three days, the R-rated Deadpool has not only smashed all Presidents' weekend records, but it also now holds the record for highest R-rated opening ever. And not just by a little, either. The previous R-rated record holder belonged to The Matrix Reloaded ($91 million), which was a summer release.

That makes Deadpool's record $135 million all the more special, as no film has ever snagged those kinds of numbers in February. Heck, no February film has ever managed to open to $100 million, period. And with Monday being a holiday, box office experts expect Deadpool to reach upwards of $150 million for the four-day when all is said and done.


Other major achievements for Deadpool:

— Largest opening weekend ever for Fox, topping Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

— Largest opening ever for star Ryan Reynolds.

— Speaking of Reynolds, who once starred as the DC hero Green Lantern, Deadpool beat out the entirety of Green Lantern's worldwide gross in only three days.

Deadpool also marks the largest opening weekend for a first time director (Tim Miller).

So what does this all mean? Will every superhero movie from now on come with an R rating?

No, not quite. Disney won't make an R-rated superhero movie, so you can count out Marvel Studios and any character associated with the Avengers. But we expect Fox to go all in on an R-rated cinematic universe, though for starters they'll probably stick to movies that revolve around Deadpool — like the already-announced Deadpool sequel and possibly even an X-Force movie, too.

This is a big deal for the superhero genre, and for 2016 in general as it represents a year where studios will take bigger risks with their comic properties. The big question now is… will Fox tweak any of the X-Men properties with a higher rating? Perhaps Wolverine 3?

What do you think?