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Downton Abbey Series Finale: How Everything Ended for the Beloved Characters

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Downton Abbey

Downton AbbeyCarnival Films/Masterpiece

Finally, Lady Edith gets what’s coming to her—in the past way possible! Downton Abbey, a series of sassy retorts, heartbreaking events and some of the longest-ongoing storylines (seriously, some of these spanned years) has come to a close. And on a happy note to boot.

In the series finale, which originally aired on Christmas Day in the UK, everybody basically had a significant life event. Let’s recap, starting with poor Lady Edith.

Lady Edith wants to take Marigold away to school. Remember how Mary screwed up her engagement to Bertie? Yeah, that dumb beyotch attempted to make things good again by setting up Edith to have a run in with Bertie in London…and it worked. One hurdle: Marigold and Bertie’s mom. Edith ended up fessing up to her, but it took her papa and Bertie to make things right. The wedding was back on for New Year’s Eve! It seems Edith’s nuptials were big news, they made the New York papers, according to Rose and Atticus. They brought Lily James back for like a scene and a half. Whatever.

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Downton AbbeyCarnival Films/Masterpiece

Anyway, Edith finally got married!!! “It’s so strange. I feel so completely happy. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that before,” Edith said. Awww! And as a result of the marriage, she outranked every single person in her family. Take that, Mary!

Meanwhile, downstairs Mr. Carson reveals he has Parkinson’s disease and it’s affecting his job. Thomas finally got a new job and left Downton Abbey, only to be super bored. But at Edith’s wedding, Robert decided to rehire Thomas butler, so Carson can retire with a full pension and remain on with the estate to keep things going smoothly. Awww!

This is what else happened to your favorite characters:

Violet, the Dowager Countess and Isobel went to rescue Lord Merton from the clutches of his daughter-in-law and Cousin Izzy decided they’d get married after all.

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Downton AbbeyCarnival Films/Masterpiece

Henry, Mary’s new husband, and Tom decided to open up a car dealership. They’ll start with secondhand cars before expanding. And Mary revealed she was pregnant once again. But in a shocking twist she decided to hold the news until after Edith’s wedding as to not steal her thunder. And maybe Tom started falling in love again? That’s the hint we got.

Daisy decided to give herself a haircut, but it was super bad and Anna had to fix it. Anna also got Downton Abbey its first hair dryer. Modernization!

Speaking of Anna, she went into labor in Lady Mary’s room. Her water done broke everywhere. Luckily, everybody was gathered for Edith’s wedding and New Year’s Eve and the baby boy was born at Downton Abbey.

Robert finally stopped being a jerk about Cora’s work at the hospital after Rose brought him to see her in action in secret.

Danker tried to get Spratt fired by revealing his role as columnist for Edith’s magazine, but the Dowager Countess was of course too wise.  She decided to keep him on and use him for dressing and entertaining needs. You can’t manipulate the Dowager Countess.

Stray lines that were humorous:

“Don’t be mysterious. It’s the last resort of people who don’t have secrets.” – Dowager Countess

“I blame the weather.” – Dowager Countess on why the English are the way they are.

Did you like the Downton Abbey series finale?

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