We don't yet have the technology to visit a real Jurassic Park or Jurassic World, for better or worse, but that hasn't stopped anyone from trying to replicate the experience of an actual dinosaur safari inspired by the 1993 movie and its sequels. The latest effort is an animatronics-based attraction called Jurassic World: The Exhibition, and it's coming to America this fall following its debut in Australia. 

When you think of animatronics, you may still think of the old machines with relatively light movement and fake-looking construction. But the designs and craft behind the dinos in this exhibit look as realistic as is possible — the next best thing to mining DNA from amber and producing life itself. It's all in the sound effects and proper puppetry, and the T. rex and indominus rex wind up looking quite scary. After all, the movies used animatronic effects, as well, and terrified us through the magic of execution.

Not that this is supposed to be a haunting thrill ride at an amusement park, though it does look like something you might find at Universal Studios. It is more a museum exhibit, hosted by the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, and will surely be best for kids fascinated enough by dinos to appreciate the artificial beasts in displays like the Raptor Training Paddock. 

Check out a video of the attraction from when it was Down Under below, and if you're interested check out Jurassic World: The Exhibition when it opens on November 25.