As Star Wars: The Force Awakens gets set to debut on digital HD via FandangoNOW on April 1, followed by DVD/Blu-ray on April 5, Disney has released a sneak peek at the seven deleted scenes (six on Blu-ray, one on digital) that fans will be able to devour upon release. 

These images don't represent all of the scenes, but they do give us a taste of what to expect, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Here are the seven deleted scenes with a brief description of what each includes:

Finn And The Villager

This scene plays like an extension of Finn's disillusionment regarding the early fight as a stormtrooper on Jakku. While in a blood-spattered daze, he has a revealing confrontation with a Jakku villager.


Jakku Message

(image not from a deleted scene)

This scene would've introduced Leia earlier than we see her in the big-screen version, as she's alerted to the fight on Jakku at the start of the film and must make a crucial decision.


X-wings Prepare For Lightspeed

(image not from a deleted scene)

Poe Dameron and his fellow pilots prepare for lightspeed as they head towards Starkiller Base.


Kylo Searches The Falcon

Kylo Ren discovers the crashed Falcon on Starkiller Base, and goes searching for Han Solo.


Snow Speeder Chase

This one involves Rey and Finn escaping Starkiller Base via snowspeeder, while a snowtrooper gives chase.


Finn Will Be Fine

Rey gets an update regarding an injured Finn.


Bonus deleted scene (only available via digital)

Han, Chewie and Finn stare down stormtroopers at Maz's castle. "Han does his usual stellar job talking his way out of trouble," according to EW. "For those craving a little more of Solo's smart-ass swagger, this moment will make you say: "I love you …"

Which deleted scene are you most looking forward to seeing?