In Daddy's Home, Will Ferrell plays Brad, a mild-mannered radio executive who ends up competing for the affections of his stepchildren when their wild father reenters the picture. However, if Ferrell's previous roles are any indication, we're guessing that his character won't stay "mild mannered" for long.

But will "Brad" be one of the most hilarious Will Ferrell characters? That's tough to say, but to help, we put together our list of Will Ferrell's Top 10 quirkiest characters to serve as a guide. if Ferrell's character in Daddy's Home is among the comedic actor's quirkiest roles, he'll have to be pretty out there given the likes of Frank "The Tank" Ricard, Buddy the Elf and Ron Burgundy. 

Check out our Top 10 Quirkiest Will Ferrell Characters and see if you agree.

Be sure to see Daddy's Home when it comes to theaters December 25.