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Inside Amy Schumer Season 4 Premiere: Congress, Yogurt and Hamilton

By / Published on Friday, 22 Apr 2016 13:34 PM / No Comments / 169 views

Inside Amy Schumer

Inside Amy SchumerMacall Polay/Comedy Central

She’s back! Did you miss her? Inside Amy Schumer made its triumphant return to TV with “The World’s Most Interesting Woman in the World,” a reference to the sketch running throughout the episode featuring Amy Schumer riffing on The Most Interesting Man in the World spokesperson from Dos Equis. As per usual, nothing was off limits for Schumer and the Comedy Central series—she tackled Congress, sex life while in a relationship, Hamilton and yogurt that benefited vaginas.

We ranked the sketches below.

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1. “Congress.” Inside Amy Schumer is known for sharply taking on everything, from one night stands to Hollywood double standards, so when Amy got a pelvic exam from “members of Congress” (including House of Cards star Reg E. Cathey), it was just too perfect. The sketch, helped by its shortness, hit all the right notes without going overboard.

Inside Amy SchumerComedy Central

2. “Relationship Center.” While political happenings—especially with women’s rights—are always a strong point for Inside, the show also generally hits high notes when taking on the mundane, including the sex life of a couple who’s been together for a while. Everybody’s done a little something similar to “Relationship Center,” just admit it. You’ll feel better.

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Inside Amy

3. “Betsy Ross.” Unless you are living life without the Internet (if so, how are you reading this?) you have heard of Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s Hamilton in some capacity. Perhaps you are one of the few lucky ones who have scored tickets to see it! Regardless, Hamilton is the biggest thing on Broadway, probably since Wicked, and of course it is ripe for the homage. A musical about Betsy Ross? Eh. A musical about Bethenny Frankel? Now we’re talking.

4. “Yo-Puss.” Whenever Rachel Dratch shows up anywhere it’s cause for celebration. This yogurt commercial parody worked, but the thought of consuming all that yogurt was just disgusting.

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5. “Amy Goes Deep.” Amy Goes Deep featured Amy’s waxer. It was enjoyable, but not groundbreaking. However, while we’re talking about the interviews, where were the man on the street segments? All for Amy chatting with other comics and celebs, but some of the funniest off the cuff moments from previous seasons included Amy on the street with New Yorkers.

Inside Amy Schumer airs Thursdays, 10 p.m. on Comedy Central.

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