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Justin Bieber Pierces His Nose. Read Fans' Reactions

By / Published on Saturday, 12 Mar 2016 09:59 AM / No Comments / 168 views

has given another surprise for his die-hard fans. The “What Do You Mean” hitmaker posted a selfie on Instagram which revealed that he had his nose pierced.

In the photo, ‘s ex-boyfriend went shirtless as he lay on a bed while showing off a small stud in his nostril. Earlier on Friday, March 11, the 23-year-old singer also posted a selfie which
gave a closer look at his new nose bling. However, he has since taken down the picture.

Justin had his nose pierced by Pip Holcombe, a Body Piercer at Millenium Ink and the owner of Wildcat Body Jewelry. Justin, along with his friends, visited Pip’s workshop in Vancouver, Canada on Thursday, March 10. According to Pip, Justin “took it like a champ.” He went on saying that Justin only bled “a little” and “he was great.”

Pip revealed that Justin’s nose ring was a “clear gem bioplast nose stud.” Pip also pierced one of Justin’s friends ears and said that everyone in Justin’s crew was “really nice.” He asked to take a picture of Justin after the piercing, but unfortunately the singer turned him down.

It seems like a lot of Justin’s fans love his new nose ring. One of his followers wrote, “Justin Bieber look damn good with nose piercing,” while another one said, “Justin Bieber got his nose pierced and I’m obsessed.” However, some of his fans apparently don’t like his nose piercing. A user wrote on Twitter, “justin bieber needs to remove that nose ring ASAP.”


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