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Meet Scandal's Presidential Candidates & Find Out Who Exposed Olivia's Big Secret

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After a hard fought race, Scandal‘s presidential election is finally down to two candidates—but not before the crew (meaning Olivia Pope & Associates on Team Mellie Grant, President Fitz, Abby & co. on Team Susan Ross, Cyrus and Team Francisco Vargas, and Papa Pope and Jake on Team Edison Davis) managed to take down the horrific Hollis Doyle.

The big case of “Trump Card” saw Mellie and Susan team up to take down Doyle (while the democrats sat by and watched). It took a bit of scheming—and pooling their resources in a momentary cease fire—but they managed to do it when Olivia leaked audio of Hollis demeaning his voter base to Sally Langston, who played it on air. Bye, Hollis and your hateful rhetoric! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

That led us to the final selection of each nominee. On the Republican side, Mellie, Susan and their advisers (so, everyone we know and like) sat in a room and laid out all the oppo research they had on each other. Whoever had the least incriminating skeletons in their closet got the nomination, and the dirt on the other would be buried.


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The decision came rather quickly, because David Rosen’s sugar deal with the Florida governor immediately came back to bite him. Not only did Susan drop out of the race, she also dumped him (after accepting his marriage proposal earlier in the episode). And it wasn’t just any dumping, either—it was an amazing, epic speech.

“I know I’m amazing! I’m witty and cute and funny and smarter than you. I’m incredible. I’m going to change the world,” she told David before showing him out because she’s the G.D. vice president and had important work to do.

Oh, and by the way, David might lose his job because now Fitz knows about the totally illegal deal he made.

That means the Republican nominee is officially Mellie Grant.


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At the end of the episode, Olivia and Abby had a much-needed girls’ night, where Abby confessed that she did withhold some of the dirt on Mellie—that was actually dirt on Fitz: Olivia’s abortion. Olivia was glad Abby kept it under wraps, because no one knew about it—not even Fitz. So how did she find out?

Why, Papa Pope, of course. Who was the total mastermind of Edison’s campaign and was trying to force him to pick Jake as his VP—until Edison tanked his chances by going off against Doyle and cementing the nomination for Vargas. Congrats, Vargas! Francisco Vargas is officially the Democratic nominee.

But sorry, Edison—you’re pretty much screwed. As he found out at the end of the episode, he was only still around because Rowan might need him in the future. But here’s a twist: As Jake threatened Edison (again), he quietly whispered to him:  “Tell her I need her help. Tell her I’m chasing the sun.”

Jake’s not on Papa Pope’s side after all! He just doesn’t want to be murdered or blackmailed or on Papa Pope’s bad side. Will Olivia be able to help him?

The Scandal season five finale airs next Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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