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Review: The Great Dipper by Roy Kim

By / Published on Sunday, 07 Feb 2016 12:00 PM / No Comments / 158 views
Review: The Great Dipper by Roy Kim

Roy Kim has always enthralled fans with his unique brand of heart-on-sleeves. Photo: Filepic


str2_cczgreatdipper_2_chester_1You can’t really blame soulful crooner Roy Kim for being overly sentimental. After all, it’s a money-making formula that has helped the singer-songwriter carve a niche on the K-pop charts. Since his days on Mnet’s Superstar K4, the boyish performer has enthralled fans with his unique brand of heart-on-sleeves.

However, the 22-year-old admitted in an interview with Billboard that he “don’t think people will like” his third studio album. Those concerns are valid, especially when you consider the themes explored in this full-length record.

The lead single – and title track – is inspired by the seven bright stars that helped navigate lost travellers. Even by singer-songwriter standards, that subject matter does seem remarkably corny. Mushy sentiments aside, The Great Dipper features minimalist melodies that allow Kim’s rich vocals to shine through.

Opening number The Wave – with recordings of streaming water and rolling waves – is a gentle and tranquil number that highlights Kim’s capability as a strong contemporary singer-songwriter. But perhaps the ultimate saving grace in this nine-track offering, is how cohesive and collected all the tracks sound together.

Roy Kim
The Great Dipper
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Roy Kim is once again all hearts-on-sleeves. 

Cohesive and collected sentimentality

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