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Scandal's Kerry Washington Has a Special Message for Fans After That OMG Twist

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Kerry Washington, Scandal

Kerry Washington, ScandalABC

Has Olivia Pope finally reached the point of no return? (Warning, major Scandal spoilers ahead!)

Scandal fans were left speechless and shocked after Thursday’s episode, when, in the midst of a PTSD-fueled flashback from her time as a prisoner, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) killed someone. And not just any someone, she murdered Andrew Nichols (Jon Tenney), the former vice president, who suffered a stroke at the hand (or should we say needle?) of Huck (Giullermo Diaz) last season. Nichols, of course, was the mastermind behind Olivia’s harrowing kidnapping in season four, which he orchestrated in order to force Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) to start a war with West-Angola to save her.  

But yes, Olivia really did kill him, and did it in a particularly violent fashion, bludgeoning him to death with a chair. Were you shocked? So was Kerry Washington!

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Kerry Washington, ScandalABC

“I will say I was as shocked as you were, so everybody just breathe,” she told E! News with a laugh at the New York City premiere of her new HBO film Confirmation.

Andrew came back in a surprising way, when it was revealed he’s been talking to Lilian (Annabeth Gish), the reporter-turned- Fitz’s GF, and is looking to take everyone down. Initially, Olivia went to her father for help, but was upset when he told her she needed to kill him. At first, they all bribed him ($10 million, book deal, etc.) But he wasn’t interested in the money; he wanted power again, a position at the White House, and revenge. Finally, while Andrew was on a truly gross misogynistic tirade, Olivia started having flashbacks of her kidnapping, and basically lost it. Scandal soon turned into an episode of Snapped, resulting in the violent “chair-raising” scene that definitely earned that “viewer discretion is advised” warning at the start of the hour. After the murder, Fitz comforted Olivia, promising her everything would be OK. And Olivia, face covered in blood, then warned Abby, who attempted to handle the situation behind Liv’s back, “Never cross me again.”

So long, Andrew Nichols, approximately zero people will miss you. As for Liv, she ended the episode on her father’s doorstep, with him saying, “Welcome home.” Chills.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC. Be sure to come back to E! News for more from Washington about her upcoming HBO film.

—Reporting by Chris Harnick

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