Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Big-screen adaptations of video games have proven popular with audiences worldwide. This year, for example, The Angry Birds Movie made more than $349 million at the global box office, while Warcraft earned more than $433 million worldwide.

Clearly, such titles resonate with moviegoers in search of fantasy-adventures on a large scale. While The Angry Birds Movie ventured into the family-friendly realm of animation, Warcraft pursued a somewhat older audience with a mixture of live action and CGI; it proved especially popular outside the U.S. Assassin's Creed will seek a similar demographic when it opens in theaters on December 21.
Now another video game adaptation is moving forward. Shawn Levy will direct Uncharted, according to Deadline, based on the action-adventure video game series. First published in 2007, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune revolved around treasure hunter Nathan Drake. It was extremely popular and was eventually followed by three sequels, including Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, released earlier this year.

The movie has been under development since the first game became a big success. David O. Russell was attached to the project at one point, with Mark Wahlberg interested in starring as Nathan Drake. After Russell dropped out, directors Neil Burger and Seth Gordon and writer Mark Boal came and went.
More recently, Joe Carnahan came on board in August to write a new draft of the screenplay and that appears to have found favor with everyone involved. Carnahan is moving on to direct Bad Boys for Life, which will soon go into production.
For his part, Levy has been busy lately working as a producer and director for Netflix's Stranger Things. He's known for broadly appealing comedies like the Night at the Museum series and sounds like a good choice, since the video games favor a lighter approach to the action. Production is expected to get underway next year.
Uncharted: A Thief's End