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Someone Finally Comes to Kathryn's Defense in Part 2 of the Southern Charm Season 3 Reunion

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Southern Charm


No, your eyes and ears are not deceiving you. The fight between Kathryn Dennis and Landon Clements is still raging well into the second half of the Southern Charm season three reunion.

While part one saw the ladies go to battle over—who else?—Thomas Ravenel, with Kathryn still suspicious about the nature of her baby daddy’s relationship with her sworn enemy, the second half of their argument is about … well, still Thomas. Did you really expect anything less?

But what is different about this go-round is that Kathryn’s finally got herself an ally, with friend Jennifer Snowden joining the fray and taking up for her friend. “I think there’s some things that, you know, are hair triggers for her. It doesn’t mean it’s right how she reacts, necessarily, but I think that there are things that you could refrain from doing.”

Like what, you ask? Oh, perhaps the continued posting of photos on social media of Thomas and Landon spending alone time together. Why? Because Kathryn’s positive they only exist to piss her off.


It’s Kathryn vs. Landon in Part 1 of the Southern Charm Season 3 Reunion

Oh, and if you thought that this Thomas business was the only reason that Kathryn can’t stomach Landon, well, she’s here to let you know you’re wrong. “I think she wants everyone to think that’s the only reason I dislike her,” she tells the group.

Elsewhere in the reunion’s dramatic conclusion, Jennifer admits to a shocking twist in her liaison with Thomas (seriously, what is it about this guy that’s got all these ladies losing their mind over him?!) and a surprise reconciliation between two former foes leaves their co-star Cameran Eubanks speechless. If it turns out to be Kathryn and Landon who reconcile, consider us speechless too.

Part two of the Southern Charm season three reunion airs Tuesday, July 5 at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

(E! and Bravo are both part of the NBCUniversal family.) 

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