Rumor of a Space Jam sequel has been circulating for years, but now it's official. And contrary to the denial we got two years ago, LeBron James will indeed be the NBA star filling the original's Michael Jordan slot. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Cleveland Cavaliers forward will lead the live-action/animation hybrid opposite Looney Tunes characters Bug Bunny, Daffy Duck, etc., and the movie will likely be helmed by Justin Lin, who previously helped breathe life into the once-fading Fast and Furious franchise.

Lin's latest is another series takeover, Star Trek Beyond, meaning he's got experience qualifying him for the space side of Space Jam 2. As for his relationship to the sport, he also directed a little-known documentary short called Crossover, which is about the Japanese-American basketball leagues. He is reportedly writing the script with Andrew Dodge (Bad Words) and Andrew Botello (Hollywood Adventures) but isn't yet confirmed for directing and producing responsibilities on the project.

Fans will surely also be hoping for confirmation of Bill Murray returning. The first movie, which turns 20 this fall, was made before the actor's comeback but is still cherished for his involvement. Murray played himself, as Jordan's friend and teammate against an alien monster squad led by an evil amusement park owner. If Murray is not interested, perhaps Lin could recruit another SNL vet, Bill Hader, as James' pal. The two recently had great chemistry as buddies in the Judd Apatow-helmed Amy Schumer comedy Trainwreck.