One thing that's certain about the future of America today: it's going to keep on churning superhero movies for many years to come. Here's the latest on some of the biggest franchises and more:


With X-Men: Apocalypse underperforming and most of the star's contracts up, the X-Men franchise will be "reconfigured," according to The Hollywood Reporter. That doesn't mean rebooting. Fox hopes to re-sign Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender for more installments. But director Bryan Singer is gone as producer Simon Kinberg is now figuring out the next chapter. 

Meanwhile, Deadpool 2 is moving ahead with David Leitch (John Wick) set to direct, and Deadpool 3 is already in the works with plans for it to introduce X-Force. Gambit is still going to happen someday, and The New Mutants will reportedly overlap with whatever the main series looks like, with Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) at the helm.  



Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige recently confirmed to the Toronto Sun that Michael Keaton is playing the bad guy Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming and implied that villains in the MCU are not only getting better but they're leading the way of the franchise through the next decade, starting with Vulture, Cate Blanchett's Hela and Josh Brolin's Thanos. He also indicated that he's pretty sure what Marvel's 2020 releases are, but he can't say because then "we’re getting into spoilers." So that's interesting. 

Speaking of villains, Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson revealed to Empire that his original choice of villain was Nightmare, ruler of the Dream Dimension. But Feige said the movie was "challenging enough" and the Dream Dimension stuff would involve too much additional explanation. The Marvel head said Dormammu was better in part because he's more present in the comics. Could Nightmare be a driving force for the future of the Doctor Strange series, though?


Power Rangers 

If successful, Power Rangers could be another big superhero franchise. For now, all we really have to go on is how it looks, and that includes the costumes. Today, via, we have another view of those costumes by themselves on display. Thanks to Instagram user Michael Wong for the following pics and video of the Rangers and villain Rita Repulsa's getups:


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