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The Good Wife Bosses Explain the Series Finale Ending Slap and Betrayal

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Christine Baranski, The Goodwife, Series Finale


The Good Wife ended how it all began: with a slap. But this time, Alicia (Julianna Margulies) was getting the rude awakening. In the series finale of The Good Wife, Alicia stood by Peter one final time, but in the process squandered her relationship with Jason Crouse (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and betrayed her partner Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski).

“We started with this feeling that it should begin with a slap and end with a slap. The show is about a woman who becomes more and more confident and more and more cunning and excited about her abilities and also about power. So that slap at the end is very similar to the slap at the beginning. We always had this idea of Alicia becoming more and more of something that she also was not liking in her husband,” series co-creator Robert King said in the video below.

“We had talked about that the victim becomes the victimizer and that’s really the circle that we see of Alicia,” co-creator Michelle King said.


The Good Wife series finale recap: Alicia is changed forever…but is it for good?

The entire series has been about the education of Alicia Florrick and it’s safe to say the character has changed over the last seven years. The slap woke her up to that.

“You can see on her face…She is contemplating everything that came before. So the question of what is her next stage of her life, is she going to take that into account? I think that’s also what we see with the ending,” Robert said. “The story of Alicia is a bit of a tragedy, now that doesn’t mean we love Alicia any less…but to be honest with the character, she was moving in the direction where there wasn’t that much room between who she was and who her husband was.”

As for her relationships, the Kings said Alicia didn’t knowingly betray Diane, she was “collateral damage” in her attempts to save herself and her family.The finale saw Alicia rectifying (or attempting to) her relationships with the three main men in her life: Peter Florrick (Chris Noth), Jason and Will Gardner (Josh Charles). The ambiguity of who she ends up with (nobody) was intentional.

Click play on the video above for more from the Kings on the series finale and be sure to check back with E! News for more about The Good Wife ending.

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