Alicia Vikander Tomb Raider

A few weeks ago rumors started swirling around that Star Wars: The Force Awakens breakout Daisy Ridley had become the top contender to play Lara Croft in a Tomb Raider reboot. That seemed like a pretty safe choice. Ridley killed in Star Wars, she's got a lot of charisma and makes action look easy. Plus, she's British like Croft. Fans rejoiced at the idea.

And now those fans may be disappointed. Ridley did not land the job after all. MGM has cast the breakout of another 2015 sci-fi movie instead: Ex Machina star Alicia VikanderReally, either actor would have been a great fit for the role of a woman who forgoes a safe, comfortable life in the upper crust of society to become a brave, bold adventurer, so hopefully fans see this as a win no matter what.

The new movie will be directed by Roar Uthaug, the talented Norwegian filmmaker behind the slasher Cold Prey and the fantastic disaster movie The Wave. And, yes, his real name is Roar.

The movie is expected to hew closer to the recent Lara Croft game reboot. She's now less of the gunslinging archeologist from the old Playstation games that inspired Jolie's movies. Now she's a more athletic, shoved-through-the-gauntlet survivor type, so expect Vikander's Croft to be a bit tougher and more serious than the Jolie version.