Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton? Haven’t got a shot. In House of Cards, Frank Underwood is still president, and long may that dastardly master reign. On March 4, a whole new season of Washington machinations will premiere on Netflix. While we don’t know what exactly the new season will bring (hint: drama! Oh, and Neve Campbell and Colm Feore are joining the cast), we do know what the real people behind Frank and his frenemies of past seasons have been up to. Here’s your presidential briefing.


Kevin Spacey: From the White House to the Cat House

Kevin Spacey likes those presidential cufflinks. While on a break from playing President Frank Underwood in House of Cards, he played President Richard Nixon in the upcoming 2016 film Elvis & Nixon, focusing on that 1970 day when the famed singer visited the White House. In a complete switch-up of roles — and species — Spacey will make fur fly in Nine Lives, a Barry Sonnenfeld comedy where he plays a man trapped in the body of a cat. Meowza! He’ll also play high roller Ron Levin in the upcoming crime thriller Billionaire Boys Club, and will voice the villain in the 2017 animated comedy Boss Baby.


Robin Wright: Mountain disasters and superheroines

While you were waiting for House of Cards to return, you may have seen Claire Underwood — aka Robin Wright — struggling with a situation even more disastrous than America Works. In 2015 she played Peach Weathers, wife of mountain climber Beck Weathers, in the big-screen movie Everest (pictured), based on the infamous 1996 disaster. And in 2017, you’ll get to see her in the long-awaited Wonder Woman movie. She won’t play the title character, but those who know her as Claire won’t be surprised if she takes on another goddess role — she certainly has the poise and strength for it.


Michael Kelly: Horror and history

Michael Kelly, who plays Chief of Staff Doug Stamper, costarred with Robin Wright in Everest playing author and expedition member Jon Krakauer, whose book Into Thin Air made the disaster a household name. You may have also seen him in theaters in Secret in Their Eyes, the 2015 remake of the critically acclaimed 2009 Argentine thriller. And as if life with Frank Underwood isn’t terrifying enough, Kelly will be seen in the 2016 horror flick Viral, from the directors behind Catfish and Paranormal Activity 3 and 4. He won’t abandon TV roles, however: Kelly can be seen in the 2016 British-American miniseries Taboo, which will air on FX in the United States. There’s already controversy about how Taboo will portray the historic East India Company, but hey, the man behind Doug Stamper is used to being misunderstood.


Kate Mara: Major roles, animated ’80s

Her House of Cards character, reporter Zoe Barnes, may have departed abruptly, but Kate Mara has never been more visible. She had some huge movies come out in 2015. Yes, that was her as the Invisible Woman/Sue Storm in 2015’s Fantastic Four. And again as one of the space crew trying to rescue lost astronaut Matt Damon in The Martian (pictured). But Mara also starred in a few smaller films, playing Shia LaBeouf’s missing wife in Man Down and real-life hostage Ashley Smith in Captive. She can next be seen as an Iraq War hero in Leavey this year and currently can also be heard — just not seen — in the animated TV series Moonbeam City, where she voices rookie detective Chrysalis Tate in the totally radical parody of 1980s-style cop shows.


Mahershala Ali: The odds are always in his favor

Ali is known to House of Cards fans as Frank’s onetime sneaky sidekick Remy Danton, but a younger audience may think of him first from the two Hunger Games: Mockingjay movies. Ali plays Colonel Boggs, assistant to Julianne Moore’s President Alma Coin, leader of the resistance who gets close to Katniss. In 2016, you’ll see him in the Civil War movie Free State of Jones (with Matthew McConaughey, alright alright alright) and in the films Kicks and Moonlight. Netflix subscribers can also get their Ali fix when the streaming service releases its original series Luke Cage, in which he plays nightclub owner Cottonmouth Stokes.


Molly Parker: Picking and choosing

Molly Parker, Jackie Sharp on House of Cards, is selective about her roles — who can forget her as elegant yet troubled Alma Garret on Deadwood? Look for her in three upcoming films. She’ll play a detective in The 9th Life of Louis Drax, which stars Fifty Shades of Grey hunk Jamie Dornan. You’ll also see her in a lead role in the sci-fi flick Darwin, and she has a role in Ewan McGregor’s directorial debut, American Pastoral.


Gerald McRaney: Major Dad keeps playing patriarchs

Even before House of Cards, you knew Gerald McRaney thanks to title roles on Major Dad and Simon & Simon. You may have seen him in an intriguing role alongside Will Smith in 2015’s Focus, or as Dolly Parton’s grandfather in the inspiring biopic Coat of Many Colors, released right before Christmas. You may have also seen him on Longmire, the former A&E crime drama that was scooped up by Netflix, or in TNT’s now-canceled Agent X, which also starred Sharon Stone (pictured).


Reg E. Cathey: A winning year

Reg E. Cathey, who played Freddy’s BBQ owner Freddy Hayes on House of Cards, earned some new hardware for his mantel in 2015, scooping up an Emmy for outstanding guest actor in a drama series. He also reunited with former Cards star Kate Mara in the big-screen Fantastic Four movie, playing the adoptive dad of her character, the Invisible Woman.