What if some stranger dropped a phone in your lap, told you to answer it and took off?

Would you answer it?

And what if the person on the other end began giving you a specific set of instructions that involved retrieving packages from a mysterious dude standing on a bridge?

Would you do it?

That's the prank Matt Damon pulled off on a group of unsuspecting individuals as part of a new Omaze contest tied to his upcoming Jason Bourne, due out July 29. For a $10 donation to Water.org, you'll instantly be entered into a contest where the winner will get to go to the Jason Bourne premiere and hang with Bourne himself, Matt Damon, at the after-party.

To launch the contest, however, they decided to stage this pretty hilarious prank, in which random folks enjoying a sunny day in the park are suddenly thrust into the shadiest of situations thanks to Damon, doing his best Jason Bourne while trying not to crack up the entire time.

Have a look…


On July 29, Damon returns to the role of Jason Bourne for the first time since 2007's The Bourne Ultimatum. Now remembering who he once was, Bourne takes off on a new mission to locate the people most connected to his shadowy past. Government conspiracies, epic car chases and some pretty badass Bourne brawls will almost certainly ensue.


For more on Omaze and the Bourne contest, hit up its official site.