Some cultures believe photographs steal your soul. What if they instead can take your life? An upcoming horror movie seems to be working on the latter premise, but not in a way that's paranormal. This isn't The Ring with still images in place of a videotape. The Girl in the Photographs is your standard slasher-film fare, or so it looks in the newly released trailer.

The movie is mostly notable for being the last credited work of Wes Craven. Not as writer or director, but as executive producer. Its world premiere was last fall at the Toronto International Film Festival, just over a month after Craven died of brain cancer. Some critics at the time noted the horror master's fingerprints on the feature. There's also at least one Easter egg reference to an old Craven film.

But The Girl in the Photographs is actually directed by Nick Simon (Removal). If you're not familiar with him, at least pay attention to his DP on the movie: Dean Cundey, who shot Halloween, Back to the Future and Jurassic Park, among other works of Carpenter, Zemeckis and Spielberg (as producer anyway). He was the cinematographer on one of Craven's directorial efforts, too, the 1984 TV movie Invitation to Hell.

The Girl in the Photographs stars Harold and Kumar's Kal Penn as a famous photographer who heads back to his small hometown because someone has been mimicking his work, but in deadly fashion. The rest of the cast includes Claudia Lee (Kick-Ass 2) and The X-Files' Mitch Pileggi. Watch the trailer above and catch the movie in theaters on April 1.